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Im not looking for a body off resto. But I don't want orange peel ,fish eyes or sealed in dirt.Im not ignorant of what work has to be done either. But holy ...., No one seems to want to paint my beetle ,I've encountered everything from sure for $10,000 plus labour to plain and simple No we don't do that. It's not a rust bucket ,it simply needs a repaint. Anyone else encounter this problem?

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Yes that is what you are going to find everywhere.  The skilled people are all busy so it co,es down to supply amd demand and right now supply is low so ey can charge what they want.  I got a quote over the phone from BootHill and they said minimum $20k for them to take the job.  My bus has really no rust.  I jniw if i buy another vehicle, i will definately be looking for rust free vehicles