Taking their Bug for a spin – really!

The Kitchen family from Toronto made some progress yesterday on restoring their 1974 Super Beetle.  It’s an ambitious project, since they bought the car partially dissembled, with the chassis and body already separated.  They have been  locating and replacing missing/damaged parts as they go.  So far they have performed a top-end rebuild on the stock 1600, but it’s now time to start on the body work.  While it has it’s fair share of southern Ontario rust,  it can be repaired with some time and patience.  In order to make working on it easier, a rotisserie was fabricated. Working above your head with rust and dirt falling in your face just isn’t fun.   Since the body is off, most people fashion a rotisserie to attach to the bumper mounts.  However, if you wish to work on or replace the bumper mounts this obviously becomes an issue.  It was decided to build a custom mount across the body strut tower mounts for the front mount, and to build a plate for the rear firewall and bolt the car to the plate.  When the rotisserie work is complete, then the bolt holes can simply be welded closed.

As the Kitchen family progresses with their project (as with any K-W Bug Club Members) we will try to document their project progress for others to see.   If any members would like to show their projects just email us and we will publish them on the website.


It’s starting to be a problem…

When I bought my bug, I expected some electrical issues.  I’ve had a few.  From issues with my headlights to some issues with basic grounds.  You can come to expect these kinds of things on cars approaching 45 or more years old.

Another issue I encountered on my own beetle was an intermittent starter issue.  In this post, I’ll break down how the starter system works electrically and mechanically  since this topic has come up a few times with a few friends in recent days.

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RCD-310 with MDI/USB

For music in the car, some folks tether their iPod or phone to the auxiliary jack, but that is a poor choice as it means touching a handheld device while driving.

Over the last 10 or 12 years, car manufacturers have seen the need for MP3 audio integrations through the factory car stereos.  The car stereos are much more capable than ever.

Early attempts at MP3 integrations were weak, and had very specific USB hardware support, resulting in stuttering audio or USB device restarts, playing music from the beginning, starting at track 1 again. Vehicle restarts would start at track 1….AGAIN!  Random, being not really all that random. These quirks are really frustrating and somewhat distracting for the driver.

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Banquet – 2018

On November 18th we had our club year end banquet.  Here are a few photos from our event.  There was good food, good prizes  and a great evening was had by all that attended!