It’s starting to be a problem…

When I bought my bug, I expected some electrical issues.  I’ve had a few.  From issues with my headlights to some issues with basic grounds.  You can come to expect these kinds of things on cars approaching 45 or more years old.

Another issue I encountered on my own beetle was an intermittent starter issue.  In this post, I’ll break down how the starter system works electrically and mechanically  since this topic has come up a few times with a few friends in recent days.

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RCD-310 with MDI/USB

For music in the car, some folks tether their iPod or phone to the auxiliary jack, but that is a poor choice as it means touching a handheld device while driving.

Over the last 10 or 12 years, car manufacturers have seen the need for MP3 audio integrations through the factory car stereos.  The car stereos are much more capable than ever.

Early attempts at MP3 integrations were weak, and had very specific USB hardware support, resulting in stuttering audio or USB device restarts, playing music from the beginning, starting at track 1 again. Vehicle restarts would start at track 1….AGAIN!  Random, being not really all that random. These quirks are really frustrating and somewhat distracting for the driver.

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Repair: Jetta MK4.5 Trunk Wiring Repair

People say that VW’s have a lot of electrical problems.  I’m not sure thats really true.  Cars are certainly more complicated than they used to be.  This is sometimes driven by convenience or style.  I wonder sometimes if the designers and engineers consider the end user experience, or is the vehicle designed to simply minimize manufacturing costs and maximize service revenue.   This becomes relevant as you read on. Continue reading “Repair: Jetta MK4.5 Trunk Wiring Repair”

Repair: Assembling a toolbox

What’s in your toolbox?  That’s probably a very personal question to some folks.  Over the years people amass a pile of tools for working on modern cars.  I know this to be true because I have a lot of fairly specialized tools for vehicles I own or have owned.  Yes, I even own a cam belt tensioner adjustment tool for a MKIV vintage Jetta 2.0 Litre.

MKIV (Jetta/Golf) timing belt wrench. Yes, you really need one of these for a timing belt job…

The beetle is  different though.  Elegant simplicity.  Only a few hand tools are really required to work on them.  I’m going to start a list below for those folks that are just getting started in the hobby, or want to do a spot check on their bug toolbox and mention some spare parts that you might like to have while traveling.

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Repair: Bulbs – An illuminating topic…

Ever just wanted to know what bulbs to install in your late model Bug?

…or you were wondering about LED bulb versus conventional tungsten bulb brightness.

I put together this handy table with hopefully everything you ever wanted to know about your light bulbs.

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