Review: Escutcheon Nut Tool

I purchased an escutcheon nut tool from CIP1 and after waiting two months for it to return to stock, it arrived.  I was happy as I wanted to finish removing the dashboard switches from the 66 parts car. I did not want to fiddle with ground down needle nose players and other fixes.

Product may not be exactly as illustrated

First use bent the two tangs. The tool, when first handled, felt like excellent quality. Nicely machined. However the tangs are not hardened and I believe it is needed.


The escutcheon nuts are aluminum and the switch shaft is polished steel. The aluminum corrodes and the resultant corrosion dust accumulates between the nut and shaft basically resulting in a very tight friction fit. The tool is unable to loosen the nut before the tangs bend. I learned this after I managed to remove one of them without damaging the nut too severely. The corrosion is the issue.

So, I am going to heat the tangs with a propane torch, quench in oil and see if a hardened tip will withstand a bit more torque.

(Editors note: This was article was originally correspondence, when I suggested to Hank that this may be valuable to the larger community.  By sharing info like this with each other,  effectively we can have feedback to the vendors,  who in turn will provide feedback to the manufacturers – letting them know that quality of parts & tools matter to this community.  I’m waiting on feedback to see if the tool modification made the tool stronger.  We will post an update when this happens.)