3 months ago

I have a few things available

Engine with carb, intake and alternator, removed from a 67 Beetle, has been stored with storage oil, wrapped and inside.
Was to be used in a homebuilt plane but the ... See more

3 months ago
The Resurgence of Air-Cooled VW Engines

Here is an interesting article from Engine Builder Magazine about the air cooled VW engine.


The iconic VW Beetle, known by enthusiasts and the industry as the Type 1, is probably one of the most influential and underrated performance vehicles of all time. It’s underrated because the car ... See more

4 months ago
Cutting Gaskets | K-W & Area Bug Club

New post on our website - high tech way of cutting gaskets - click through if you are interested.


Have you ever been in the middle of a repair job and torn the gasket you needed to use? Weber carb gaskets are only available in a full kit, and if you need a just gasket, this can be expensive.

4 months ago

Taking your Bug for a spin - in January?

That's exactly what a family in our club did yesterday. More details on our ... See more

4 months ago

Mark your calendar - only 187 days to go! 😎

5 months ago
Banquet – 2019 | K-W & Area Bug Club

Happy New Year to the K-W & Area Bug Club members and friends.

We held our annual end of the season banquet a while back, and we've just posted some pictures to our website. Stop by and have a look. ... See more

7 months ago

Had a great evening K&W area bug club AGM at the RCL Kitchener nice to meet fellow enthusiast

7 months ago

As a new member This is our 77 wesrfalia

7 months ago

picture of our old Devon Moonraker we had for 17 yrs

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