Repair: MKVI Golf Rear Window Washer Leak

On my daily driver, a 2013 Golf I suddenly had very little output from a normally good rear washer nozzle.  I didn’t think much about it other than “it must be clogged – I’ll worry about it when I get home”.  When I reached the house, I was in for a surprise. The windshield antifreeze had filled up the inside of the hatch. So – when I opened the hatch “it started raining” into the car. Not all that nice….

A quick internet search determined that it was not an uncommon issue. The factory tubing


is similar to the split-loom wiring covers but without the split…except in my case I had now developed splits in the tubing.

The split occurs in the rubber “accordion” between the body and the hatch. It is best to remove the inner hatch plastic in order to gain access to the inside of the hatch. The plastic


can be removed by undoing the two Torx screws in the “inside handle” of the hatch. After these two screws are removed – the lower hatch cover can be “pulled” off, as is it is just

trim clips remaining.  The upper is also “snap off” as it’s only held with trim clips. Just pull “down” when the hatch is fully open.

Washer Hose

Now you can pull rubber tubing back to expose the damaged hose.  You can cut the hose and pull the one end into the trunk, and push the other end towards the body as you splice in a fresh piece of hose.

Push your rubber body-to-hatch tube back into position and clip the hatch panels back in place.

Fresh Hose

Replace your Torx screws.

To be honest, this is an easy fix, but I’m not really pleased with the build quality on this component.

(Note: this was my experience , but please perform your own assessment and repair as required)