We had a perfect day for a picnic and cruise.  Our day started at Westfield Heritage Village in Rockton Ontario where we gathered our cars for a cruise.  From there Jennifer D. planned a great route through the area that took us to Freelton, Ontario where the we were greeted by the town with friendly faces. 

We stopped at Bakers Corner (for yummy snacks) and had a lot of nice chats  and met some fine folks that share our love for Volkswagens.


After visiting Freelton, we headed back to Westfield for our picnic lunch.

On the way back we enjoyed the rolling hills, beautiful scenery and the open roads.

Once back at Westfield, we made ourselves comfortable in the picnic area and had a great time exchanging stories.

We have some more pictures to come here….  They are being “developed” so check back in a few days.