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2 weeks ago

My 1957 Volkswagen Beetle will be featured at Werner's Auto 40th Anniversary Vintage VW Car Show coming up on Sat. Sept. 18th. Looking forward to a great car show. Werner Weinhardt

1 month ago

I have a 1974 Thing.
Just replaced the original carb with a new 34PICT from cip1.
Idles too fast and stumbles on acceleration at low RPM. Runs like crap compared to the previous carb.
I lack the skills, time and patience to mess around with it.

Who can help?

1 month ago

The K-W & Area Bug Club hosted our annual member picnic and cruise today. Our cruise took us to scenic Freelton, Ontario where we were greeted by local businesses such as Bakers Corner and Rescued & Restored along with the Freelton Lions Club. It was nice to see all the great smiles and spend ... See more

2 months ago

Just one word - Yes or No. 😉

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