Repair: Building brake lines on the bench

I was working on my 1975 standard beetle.    I knew that I was going to need some new lines, since I was replacing my brake master cylinder.  I was not going to be able to use my existing lines as a template since my car was at my friends shop which is a few hours away from my house.  Since I had some free time at home, I wanted to do some prep-work before heading back to his shop.

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Review: Collector Automobile Motor Oil

How I Chose a Motor Oil for My Classic/Collector Car

It is a certainty that every car I see at a cruise or car show is using some type of motor oil. Since becoming more interested in motor oils, I find the decision making process used by my peers, to be so very interesting. Some men have all their service and maintenance work performed by someone else and do not know the details of the oil used in their motors. At the other end of the spectrum are the very talented car guys that complete every bit of service on their cars including body work and paint. These later men, however, range all over the map with respect to their oil knowledge.

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Repair: MKVI Golf Rear Window Washer Leak

On my daily driver, a 2013 Golf I suddenly had very little output from a normally good rear washer nozzle.  I didn’t think much about it other than “it must be clogged – I’ll worry about it when I get home”.  When I reached the house, I was in for a surprise. The windshield antifreeze had filled up the inside of the hatch. So – when I opened the hatch “it started raining” into the car. Not all that nice….

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