Tamiya Sand Scorcher – Part 1

By contributing author: Adam Powers

I hope everybody is doing well and is safe during these interesting times. Hopefully many of you are keeping busy working on projects around the house and of course, your VW’s!   I’m going to bring you a bit of a different VW restoration of sorts in a series. This VW doesn’t even take up any garage space and can be worked upon on the desk in your office! We’re going to do a restoration an original 1979 issue of a Tamiya Sand Scorcher!

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Cutting Gaskets

Have you ever been in the middle of a repair job and torn the gasket you needed to use? Weber carb gaskets are only available in a full kit, and if you need just a gasket, this can be expensive. Sometimes gaskets are no longer available, and you need to salvage what you already have or cut a new one from stock with an razor knife – very carefully!

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It’s starting to be a problem…

When I bought my bug, I expected some electrical issues.  I’ve had a few.  From issues with my headlights to some issues with basic grounds.  You can come to expect these kinds of things on cars approaching 45 or more years old.

Another issue I encountered on my own beetle was an intermittent starter issue.  In this post, I’ll break down how the starter system works electrically and mechanically  since this topic has come up a few times with a few friends in recent days.

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RCD-310 with MDI/USB

For music in the car, some folks tether their iPod or phone to the auxiliary jack, but that is a poor choice as it means touching a handheld device while driving.

Over the last 10 or 12 years, car manufacturers have seen the need for MP3 audio integrations through the factory car stereos.  The car stereos are much more capable than ever.

Early attempts at MP3 integrations were weak, and had very specific USB hardware support, resulting in stuttering audio or USB device restarts, playing music from the beginning, starting at track 1 again. Vehicle restarts would start at track 1….AGAIN!  Random, being not really all that random. These quirks are really frustrating and somewhat distracting for the driver.

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Banquet – 2018

On November 18th we had our club year end banquet.  Here are a few photos from our event.  There was good food, good prizes  and a great evening was had by all that attended!